For your academic needs, the Pancreas Club is developing a set of free web-based calculators. The below is currently available; we are also designing and beta testing the Acute Pancreatitis severity calculator.

Accordion Calculator

This tool will calculate the severity grades of postoperative complications based on the accordion severity grading system.

ISGPS Calculator

This tool will calculate the severity grades according to the ISGPS leak definition for pancreatic fistula and delayed gastric emptying (DGE)

Fistula Risk ScoreĀ Calculator

This tool accurately predicts the development of an ISGPF clinically-relevant pancreatic fistula (CR-POPF) following pancreatoduodenectomy (only). This tool relies on 4 simple variables which are known to the surgeon at the time of pancreatic anastomotic creation in the operating room. This prospectively designed risk assessment tool offers utility for both clinical management and comparative research, and has been externally validated in a multi-institutional fashion.