Call for Abstracts

Pancreas Club 2018 Call for Abstracts Now Open!
Deadline: Monday, January 8, 2018 11:59pm EDT

The Pancreas Club is accepting abstracts for consideration of the following presentation types; Oral or Poster.

Please read instructions carefully.

Presentation Types:

Oral Presentation
There is no manuscript submission required. If your abstract is not selected as an Oral presentation, it will automatically be considered for a Poster presentation.

Poster Presentation
A Poster presentation does not require manuscript submission.
The abstract body (not counting abstract title or author string) must not exceed 500 words or must be 2,500 characters or less, not including spaces (the character count does NOT include the abstract title or author string).
Only 1 graph, photo and/or table is accepted per submission.
At the first mention of a drug, the nonproprietary generic name in lower case is required followed by the proprietary name capitalized and in parentheses, e.g. furosemide (Lasix)

Membership Requirement
You do not need to be a Pancreas Club member to submit an abstract for consideration.

Contact Information

The Pancreas Club Headquarters

2625 West 51st Terrace
Westwood, KS 66205
t: 913.402.7102

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