This web page will calculate the severity grades according to the ISGPS leak definition for pancreatic fistula and delayed gastric emptying (DGE)

For your academic needs, the Pancreas Club is developing a set of free web-based calculators. Currently available below is the Calculator for Leak and DGE using the ISGPS Defilition. We are currently designing and beta testing the Acute Pancreatitis severity calculator.

This is a calculator of the new standardized definition for postoperative pancreatic "fistula" (POPF) or "leak". Also included is the calculator for delayed gastric emptying (DGE). After clinical testing with actual data, the calculator uses a slightly modified definition of the definition published from the International Study Group of Pancreatic Surgery (ISGPS). These definitions have been published by Bassi, et al., Surgery 2005; 138:8-13 and Wente, et al., Surgery 2007; 142:761-8. For the first time, we can use a consensus definition and also now it is facilitated by this calculator.

Days until unlimited oral intake: 
NG tube removed on postoperative day: 
  (leave blank if not applicable)
NG tube reinserted on postoperative day: 
  (leave blank if not applicable)
Intra-abdominal abscess?
Was amylase > 3x institution limit after post-op day >/= 3?
Radiographic documentation of periasastomotic extravasation or drain sinogram connection?
Was there persistent drainage > 3 weeks?
Was there any specific treatment for POPF?
including (1) partial or total parenteral nutrition; (2) antibiotics; (3) somatostatin analogues
Intra-abdominal hemorrhage ± pseudoaneurysm in the presence of amylase-rich drainage?
Was there a readmission for POPF?
Was percutaneous drainage required for POPF?
Was there a reoperation due to POPF?
Sepsis and / or organ dysfunction due to POPF?
Death related to POPF?


The Pancreas Club wishes to thank
Yasushi Hashimoto, M.D., Wande Pratt, M.D., and George Maupin
for their efforts in developing this severity calculator.